"His demeanor was that of a family friend (that happens to be an excellent plumber) versus some faceless company man."

"I finally found someone I can call who I am confident can address the problem and who will charge a fair price."
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We are "The Good Guys for your Bad Drain Problems and Plumbing Repairs". We use high pressure hot water jetting for stubborn sink, tub and shower drains. Powerful cable augers help us to clear tough blockages in floor drains and a backed up main sewer line. Video inspection equipment allows us to inspect sewer and drain lines for service before and after. Great results. Guaranteed work.

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With nearly 15 yrs of experience with drain cleaning Edmonton homes, we are proud to announce an expanded range of emergency plumber repairs. By providing furnace repairs, hot water heater tanks and backwater valves, we are committed to helping you with all your household emergency repairs. View NEW SERVICES

For non-emergency plumbing services, contact Ryan at On-Point Plumbing Visit the On-Point website.


Established in 2003. Like many businesses, ours started because we believed we could offer a superior service for emergency plumbing at a competitive price. Unlike some plumbing companies, we can always give you a price estimate before we send someone out. We constantly monitor our competition, who often charge hundreds of dollars more for the same work. We learned the value of hard work by working hard.

We have been in business now for almost 16 years, serving Edmonton, Sherwood Park, etc and have helped thousands of people that needed help fast. We encourage you to check our reviews here and on other sites. I'm sure you will like what you find.

Rick Maher, Founder

Ryan Glover, Owner
Edmonton Emergency Plumbing

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