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Drain Cleaning
Kitchen Sink $250 -$350
Unless you wash the dishes in the back yard, sooner or later you will have a clogged kitchen sink drain.

We use cable augers or high-pressure jetters depending on the type of plumbing in your property, the location of the obstruction, and safe access.
Unclog Bathroom Toilet/Tub/Sink/Shower $165 - $275
Most things in the bathroom are fairly straightforward to service (unclog clogged bathtub sink or toilet).

Things that will affect pricing include the type of plumbing and it's condition, the age of the property and the nature of the problem.

Changing out entire fixtures including taps, sinks, toilets and drain lines will increase the price significantly.
Laundry Room $250 - $350
Water coming up in your floor drain may indicate a main sewer problem, or an issue on a branch line only.

Our technicians test to make sure they properly diagnose the issue before recommending a course of action.
Video Inspection Edmonton Rooter
Main Sewer $350 - $475
Main sewer lines are subject to wear, degradation and deformation over time and Edmonton neighborhoods have a range of sewer services depending on the age of your property.

Some sewer lines are constructed with materials that flatten over time, or allow tree roots to grow in through pipe joints. Some materials break down and collapse entirely.

We use industry-standard cable augers, rooters and video camera sewer inspection equipment to locate and clear blockages in main sewer lines. If the line is servicable, we are your best choice for Alberta Drain Cleaners.
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