camera inspections of drain lines
Drain and sewer inspection & video looking for obstructions before rooter Edmonton Alberta

Residential Drain Cleaning and Sewer Backup Edmonton (Rooter Maintenance)

Our company's primary specialization is residential drain cleaning and sewer backup maintenance in private and rental properties in Edmonton and surrounding areas. We unclog your clogged drain.

Sewage backup is a problem where same-day emergency services are often necessary to prevent damage from flooding, or to ensure the habitability of a property for it's owners and/or tenants.

After an analysis of the problem and type of drain line, technicians will use either a MECHANICAL AUGER or HIGH-PRESSURE JETTER to clear away the obstruction in the sewer line. We use industry-standard equipment that is carefully matched to the task at hand, which we know from experience does the job properly.

Some problems require an inspection of the grade or condition of the drain line itself. Since most times we are dealing with plumbing that is hidden within walls, under floors or buried underground, this requires a REMOTE VIDEO CAMERA SYSTEM that is designed to work specifically to inspect drain lines.

Video Inspection - Sewer Inspections

Sewer inspections with video equipment allow us to assess drainage problems due to obstructions before augering lines. Video inspection is a good way to determine the overall health of your drains in your existing home or a new home that you are planning to purchase. Give us a call for an estimate as costs vary based on the job requirements.

More detailed information is available in our FAQ section.

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